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Vicki Graves

Travel writer, blogger and Route 66 super-fan!

My name’s Vicki Graves. I’m from England and I’m unashamedly obsessed with Route 66. The Mother Road, the Will Rogers Highway or the Main Street of America, I love the road no matter what you call it. I adore its Art Deco, I’m nutty about its neons and I’m crazy for its kitsch. All 2,448 miles of it.

But when my husband Dave and I started planning our trip from Chicago to LA, much of the travel advice seemed to be written for Americans. So I decided to change that. I wrote my book - Brits on Route 66: A Very British Guide to the World's Greatest Road Trip – to share our story and help other roadies from across the globe embark on the their own journey of a lifetime. 

And now I run this blog, sharing USA travel advice and Route 66 recommendations. It’s my chance to indulge in my passion for retro Americana and 1950s vintage, despite being the other side of the pond. I’ll bring you news of American-themed events and activities in the UK, and offer my uniquely British perspective on why I think Route 66 really is the ultimate adventure.

In doing so, I hope to inspire more Brits, Europeans and non-US residents to take a trip down the historic highway. I hope to make it easier for you to plan this epic road trip, meet its wonderful people and make memories that last forever. And when you do, I’ll be waiting to hear all about it and share the news of more Brits (Australians, Europeans or wherever you're from) on Route 66.